Social Enterprise Technology: The Future of Enterprise Applications

Advances in social technology have created considerable impact on consumers and enterprises in the recent years. Yet in most cases, the social technology has not made the life of enterprise workers easier as they have done for consumers. When it comes to social technology, the enterprises are yet to harness the benefits that it offers and surprisingly it remains as an option even now. So, how can entrepreneurs and innovators harness the social enterprise technology to increase the effectiveness of enterprise applications and get the most out of it?

Making the enterprise applications social is not the same as making the consumer applications social.

There is a fundamental difference between social consumer applications and social enterprise applications. The social consumer apps provide railings to the conversation and create clear expectations and flow for the consumer interacting with them, whereas social enterprise applications are intended for enterprise knowledge workers to collaborate with other workers based on social profile, skill and experience. Such collaborations are redefining the way how knowledge workers used to interact with the legacy applications earlier.

What is a social enterprise application?

The need to collaborate with other knowledge workers based on how, where, and when is critical for businesses in this conversational messaging era. The social enterprise applications allow for such collaborations, that goes beyond simple text-based exchanges with the help of conversational apps and help them reduce friction in communication and improve decisioning in business processes.

Social enterprise applications together with conversational assistance combines elements like context, profile, and analytics to offer a meaningful collaboration amongst enterprise knowledge workers. This enriched and contextual conversations can include attachments, screenshots, buttons, and other embedded elements that enable transactions to be completed without needing to leave the application.

What does this mean for enterprises?

The conversational enterprise applications, powered by Social Enterprise Technology of Digital Harbor, Inc., are helping enterprise knowledge workers to collaborate with other workers and help them make informed decision, reduce risks and complexities, and increase productivity. Conversational apps are the key to helping enterprises unlock a new level of collaboration, that was never experienced before, and this is critical as enterprise applications continue to grow in complexity.

How does the future of enterprise applications look like with SET?

The key to social enterprise application is combining analytics, automation, and humans in a thoughtful way to help enterprise knowledge workers solve complex problems more efficiently and quickly. Not only does this make knowledge workers happy, but the productivity is also higher with less repetition and reduced efforts helping them focus on immediate and complex cases. Social enterprise applications are the future. Despite this, enterprises are still using conventional applications that offer little or no contextual collaboration. This is creating a communication gap, which is widening every day.

The social enterprise applications with conversation layer, powered by Social Enterprise Technology from Digital Harbor Inc., are finally addressing these concerns, and redefining the way knowledge workers collaborate within the applications. The result is an enterprise application that goes beyond conventional collaboration method and that too in an employee-centric way.

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