Know Your Provider – Screening

KYP Screening makes screening of healthcare providers a completely "paperless" exercise, while automating at least 70% of the activities and complying with applicable ACA Part 455 Subpart E requirements.

Delivers unprecedented value over and above ACA compliance

  • Delivers complete compliance with ACA Part 455 Subpart E requirements
  • Facilitates better decision making through system intelligence and comprehensive provider information
  • Minimizes manual effort and the resulting errors
  • Reduces process (screening) turnaround times by up to 80%
  • Minimizes risk by identifying thousands of non-compliant providers in Medicare and Medicaid

Key Capabilities

  • Entity Resolution Uses complex matching algorithm to accurately identify provider entity against 15000+ best-of-breed data sources
  • Verification per ACA Automates identity, eligibility and watchlist checks for the provider and related parties
  • Linking and Provider 360 Provides information about affiliations, discovers relationships, and maintains historical details
  • Provider Intelligence Computes risk score per application and generates “red flags” for potential issues
  • Configurable Workflow Automates workflows for review of different types of provider applications
  • Research, review and resolve One integrated console to complete entire research and investigation