About Us

Short Story

Digital Harbor pioneered the “Know Your Customer (KYC)” solution for the banking industry in the US which later became a norm across industries and regions and recognized as a leader in risk management solutions for financial institutions.

Digital Harbor has been at the forefront of creating “first-of-its-kind” technologies, platforms and solutions across multiple verticals. We were the first to create “link analytics” platform for intelligence agencies, first to create smart client technology for web, first to create model-driven frameworks for J2EE, first to create a unified composite application platform, first to create Know Your Customer (KYC) and first to create Know Your Provider (KYP).

After entering the Healthcare industry in 2009, Digital Harbor has become one of the fastest growing companies in this sector and is already a trusted partner of leading Health care organizations across the United States.

Our History of Innovation

  • image 1997 - 2003: Launched – Provider of Innovative Technology Founded as a composite applications company Launched first commercial Data Fusion platform for Intelligence Sector Developed industry’s first Smart Client technology Created industry’s first Model-driven SOA technology
  • image 2004 - 2008: Focus on Financial Services – Path-breaking solutions for risk management Developed industry’s first enterprise-class Composite Applications Platform Launched Know Your Customer (KYC): Banking Industry’s Solution for ATF/Sanctions Compliance Introduced Know Your Fraud: Banking Industry’s first Cross-Channel Fraud solution Next-generation Case Management for Investigations Management
  • image 2009 – Present: Focus on Healthcare – Know Your Risk solutions for various processes Know Your Claim: First Predictive Modeling Solution for Health Care Fraud Know Your Provider: Healthcare’s first automated front-end Fraud Prevention Solution Industry’s first Social Forms technology

Meet Our Team

  • Rohit Agarwal President & Innovator-in-Chief Rohit Agarwal is the President and Chief Innovations Officer of Digital Harbor. He is a serial entrepreneur and inventor having successfully founded and sold two high-growth companies previously. Read more
  • Mike Tingey Director of Architecture and Customer Operations Mike Tingey has an outstanding technical background and has been involved since the beginning of his professional career in creating productivity applications that have been used by tens of thousands of users. Read more