Social Form

Have a conversation with your form

Web 2.0 has already transformed the way consumers communicate and stay informed. Enterprises need to leverage the power of these technologies in their business applications accessed by external and internal stakeholders to deliver unprecedented customer service, business agility and awareness.

Social Form is a next-gen business enablement design that is intended to cut-down complexities in filling intricate business applications, for the user through intelligent conversations. Social Forms talks to users and assists in completing complex applications, that sometimes run for hundreds of pages, with ease. It’s not just any other online form; It binds information, documents and stakeholders together. Social Forms comes with a virtual assistant; the users can talk to the form and get the things done; Social Form makes the entire process a fun-filled and interactive experience. Its dynamic interface assists users to instantly connect with any relevant stakeholders and seamlessly supports all modes of social collaboration. It offers next-gen customization – by automatically choosing and showing only those features and pages that stand relevant to a particular user.

  • It guides you not just in filling the application, but through the entire gamut of the complex business transaction
  • It talks to the users; and the users can talk back; it interacts like your own buddy
  • It connects you with all stakeholders instantaneously
  • It enables just-in-time security based sharing of a part or the whole form
  • It truly brings about a huge transformation in the way complex business applications are being handled today

Applications / Use Cases

  • Healthcare For providers to enroll into payers’ health programs and subsequently manage their accounts without any hassles
  • Financial Services Consumers applying for home loan and other services and subsequent status tracking in real-time
  • Critical Infrastructure Airports, utilities and power plants where the prospective workers have to disclose data and submit documents as part of the enrollment process
  • Government Supplier/Contractor registration information, profile management and continuous performance tracks