4 Must-Haves that Knowledge Workers Never Knew, Never Asked, Never Got!

“Knowledge Workers”, are the people who play an integral role in driving a successful journey for any organization by offering their skills and expertise in a specific domain. These knowledge workers are the sources of innovation, idea-building, strategizing and smart work that happens within a company. Though knowledge workers offer a vast range of services to the enterprise world, however, they are deprived of many “WOW” enterprise apps that they never knew, never asked for, and never got. 

The lack of efficient tools and apps has led to reduced productivity, mismanaged work schedules, missed deadlines, complexities in communication, lack of confidence, trust issues and a lot more. It’s time for enterprises to break the ceilings by thinking outside-the-box to help knowledge workers work together in an efficient manner. Organizations around the world are witnessing productivity falling through the cracks due to traditional use of legacy enterprise apps that exist for years without understanding the needs of users at present and lack the vision to foresee future expectations. 

Let’s look at the four must-have categories of enterprise applications that every organization should provide to its users to help them work smarter, collaborate better, and deliver faster. 

#1 – Productivity Apps

The word “productivity” is a power that must be induced in knowledge workers to help them work faster. In order to achieve success, the company must have its team aligned with the business goal. However, in reality, most knowledge workers claim weak communication as a prime reason for the loss of productivity. Businesses need to share productivity tools with the workforce to ensure they have the focus and assistance needed to achieve goals. 

#2 – Collaboration Apps

The most common type of app that is totally amiss in the enterprise industry is collaboration apps. While thousands of apps offer great internal communication, they still don’t offer real collaboration that can help users work together on any project in real-time without shifting screens or moving from one app to another. Knowledge workers seek a reliable mode of collaboration that assists them to have a cross-functional working environment within the app by staying closely connected with one or more people to exchange data, tasks and transactions to deliver valuable results.

#3 – Intelligence Apps

Business Intelligence apps are the new-age user expectation from the enterprise world. BI or Business Intelligence apps developed by Digital Harbor are unique as they guide the knowledge workers while they make transactional decisions to get work done every day. Enterprise users are in dire need of BI apps as they help users make productive decisions by presenting smart analytics and suggestions based on their work history, reminding and alerting them of their upcoming deadlines, share the list of transactions without having to look through the pile of sheets. Well, all this and a lot more are offered by Digital Harbor BI apps that run faster than the user to help them perform better. These apps guide the user like a GPS ensuring they don’t have to ask for help but always get it at the right moment.

#4 – Business Apps

Business apps and Applications developed by Digital Harbor are agile solutions solely developed to make the user experience seamless and hassle-free. Not only does it help in guiding, automating and assisting the users but also provides a hyper-personalized experience. Our products listed under business applications have a simplified interface with cross-functionality to link data, transactions and users for better performance. Our business application products help in attaining better organizational proficiencies to improve every user’s experience too.

Digital Harbor is reimaging enterprise applications that will change the way enterprise world functions. There are various consumer-centric apps that offer immersive user experiences however, the business sphere still lacks such apps and solutions that can ease the pressure and work management that a knowledge worker has to go through in their everyday lives. With that vision, we are offering solutions that knowledge workers never knew, never thought about and never asked for but can still get under the Social umbrella of DH solutions.  

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