How SET is addressing the Challenges of Enterprise Applications?

Enterprise Applications are the heart of organizations. They manage and record all the crucial functions of an enterprise, i.e., operations, supply chain, and human resources to name a few. In the meantime, improving productivity and efficiency across different business processes still remain a challenge.

Although enterprise applications are working in perfect harmony, various challenges within the enterprise applications need to be addressed. It might seem impossible to predict all the challenges, but they can surely be overcome. This blog helps you to understand the different challenges of enterprise applications that Digital Harbor’s innovative platform- Social Enterprise Technology (SET) can address. Stay tuned till the end of this blog post and it will surely give you a way around the challenges that you might be facing right now.

Challenge #1: Unable to Have Conversation Around the Business Data

Enterprise applications are getting more and more complex in recent times. They contain an enormous amount of data from various sources, modules, and users that are to be displayed within the application. Business users should skim through some of the complex graphs, usage patterns, and lists of other data to make sense out of it and need to spend a lot of time trying to access those data at the moment of need.

Social Enterprise Technology allows users to have conversations with the data, about the data with other users, while keeping business data instantly available at users’ reach. It allows business users to collaborate contextually within mainstream business apps. Such contextual access to structured data makes enterprise applications more social while increasing users’ productivity at the same time.

Challenge #2: Independent Apps for Documents and Conversations

Business requirements can change at any time of the project. Before the user takes up the new challenge, they must go back and forth and check all the past documents available in the document library. There was no option left other than mustering all your strengths and examine, check, recheck and verify the documents and data that are available on different platforms of the enterprise applications. This could undoubtedly be a tedious task that reduces users’ productivity as well.

Social Enterprise Technology provides in-app collaboration that allow all the business information to be available within the conversation. SET links data, documents, and conversations contextually with the help of AI, BI, and CI (Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Collaborative Intelligence) to add intelligence to enterprise applications and make it ‘SOCIAL.’ Our products are imbued into the enterprise applications’ DNA that preserves the business data at the center of the conversations and facilitates its enrichment with knowledge and actions through conversations for better decision making.

The communication between other users happens around and along with the data. This makes it easier for the user to track the history and changes associated with the ticket, without referring to multiple applications used for chats, comments, and documents.

Challenge #3: Lack of Collaboration

Although powerful business applications may be formed for a specific purpose, they visibly lack collaborative features. That is because they are so obsolete functionally and are closely focused on the functional business process, and do not really go close to the collaborative and analytical process. They have more processing-oriented features that focus on processing the information in a certain way to support their business transactions.

Off late, enterprise applications have started to become conversational slowly but still are far from being a social application. This is due to the complexity of business apps and lack of focus in the direction of making these applications social and conversational.

Social Enterprise Technology can relatively transform this. SET offers ‘Contextual Collaboration‘ which means allowing enterprise users to collaborate about the case and its data and around the case and its data. Knowledge workers and actions from the conversations are automatically tied to the business data and the user can discuss, decide, act on and track business activities simply through conversations with the data.

SET: The Solution

With a large amount of innovation and research, technology has undoubtedly revolutionized the enterprise world. There are so many applications that might be relevant now but can be obsolete tomorrow. An enterprise application needs to be “future-proof” so that there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Digital Harbor’s innovative Social Enterprise Technology (SET) platform is all set to transform the enterprise world. SET will cure what ails the knowledge workers and addresses many of the above-mentioned challenges by making the enterprise application  COLLABORATIVE and  SOCIAL. An enriched and contextual collaboration of SET includes attachments, screenshots, buttons, and other embedded elements that enable transactions to be completed without having to leave the application.

Collaboration between knowledge workers and business data simply goes beyond text-based exchanges. Enterprise users get to converse with the data, that understands the intent, offers guided assistance, and adds a human touch to the conversation in the business process.

Stay tuned to learn more about our innovative platform, SET!

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