Know Your Care giver

Know Your Care-giver delivers compliance with ACA Subtitle C, Section 6201 requiring nationwide background check on prospective direct patient access employees. It allows relevant providers to submit employee applications electronically followed by a workflow-based review and automated fingerprint-based criminal check and much more.
Know Your Care-giver

Enroll and manage direct patient access employees per ACA Section 6201

  • Delivers compliance with ACA Section 6201 requirement for background check of prospective employees with direct patient access
  • Minimizes risks by identifying and ending the employment of individuals with criminal past
  • Minimizes legal and employment problems for the providers
  • Reduces process turnaround time and minimizes delay through digitization and automation
  • Gives States the ability to play influential role in credentialing of long term care workforce by providers

Key Capabilities

  • Applicant Portal Web portal for providers and its employees with direct patient access to self-enroll and disclose mandatory data
  • Application Reviews Electronic review of applications and collaborative interface to interact with providers and their applicants
  • Background Screening Automates fingerprint-based criminal history check against federal and state databases
  • Rap Back Alerts Provides automatic update services for previously run checks including notification of arrests/convictions
  • Configurable Workflow Automates workflows for review of employee applications including flexibility to consult peers
  • Reports Includes canned reports on summary and detailed metrics related to applications, rap back alerts and user actions