Social Case

Let your case connect the dots

Social Case is designed to capture and store disparate data pertaining to one or more party / incident / transaction, while enabling seamless collaboration between the user, the application and all the stakeholders, to chat, to share and to get expert insights about the case-under-consideration; all this while capturing and linking knowledge to enhance research and investigation within the workflow.

Complex knowledge worker processes across various industries face similar issues today – manual way of doing things, lack of unified view of documents and data required to take decisions, and high process cycle times with constant delays.

Social Case is especially relevant for those long duration transactions involving knowledge workers to review, investigate and track information within an end-to-end workflow. Social Case provides the necessary data pool required for mining by Social Analytics.

  • Handle work assignment, prioritization, tracking and the entire case decision flow
  • Initiate instant conversation between and among all the relevant stakeholders
  • Flexible and variable underlying data model to capture and manage dynamic data
  • Knowledge management tools for rich content authoring, cross-referencing information
  • Data linking and analysis to support well-informed decision making

Applications / Use Cases

  • Healthcare Centralized system to manage the complex processes of enrolling and managing healthcare providers as well as beneficiaries
  • Financial Services Collects relevant information associated with investigations to support decisions in order to minimize fraud and risk
  • Pharmaceutical Enforces compliance with stringent regulations as part of case/document review process and provides powerful reporting
  • Manufacturing Supports improved support and processing of warranty claims thereby reducing waste and improving efficiency