Know Your Provider – Portal

Industry’s first ever dynamic provider portal based on Digital Harbor's proprietary 'Social Forms' that transforms the way providers enroll and collaborate with enrollment analysts. Built on rich Web 2.0 technologies, provides an unparalleled experience to your providers while ensuring complete security

Next generation collaborative provider portal

  • Guarantees fastest turnaround times (starting few hours) for provider (re-) enrollment
  • Provides up to 80% reduction in total processing time including enrollment, data verification and screening
  • Minimizes administrative overhead by allowing providers to get information and track application on their own
  • Provides extreme flexibility to providers – manage their accounts 365x24x7 seamlessly
  • Delivers high levels of satisfaction to providers – minimizes confusion and time

Key Capabilities

  • Electronic forms Classifies form into logical sections, eliminates repetition, and provides progress indicators at various levels
  • Guided preparation Built-in questionnaires to guide providers to the right forms supported by proactive help
  • Context-based intelligence Supports data auto-fill, validates data contextually and provides profiles and resource library for data reuse
  • Social collaboration Supports secure message exchange with Enrollment departments, and application sharing with related user accounts
  • Account management Allows providers to view and manage account data including updates, re-enrollments, affiliations
  • Security Completely secures provider data and documents, supports multi-factor authentication, and uses e-signatures to control form submission