Know Your Provider – Enrollment

KYP Enrollment provides an electronic solution to review applications of all newly enrolling, re-enrolling, and revalidating Medicaid providers. It ensures that these providers meet participation eligibility requirements prior to enrolling or continuing enrollment in the program as mandated by ACA Part 455 Subpart E requirements.

A Paradigm Shift In

Provider Enrollment Application Services

  • Gives complete control on managing provider applications
  • Increases efficiency of users through digitization and automation
  • Reduces process cycle times and enhances adherence to SLAs
  • Improves customer service through superior interaction and collaboration

Key Capabilities

  • Centralized Application List Centrally manages electronic as well as paper-based applications
  • Account Lifecycle Automates account opening after successful enrollment and provides subsequent management
  • Document and Form Review Supports electronic review of provider form and documents
  • Communication and Collaboration Letter generation, messages to internal users and providers and ability to consult peers
  • Configurable Workflow Automates workflows for new provider, supplemental updates, change of ownership, address and more
  • End-to-end ‘Smart’ Solution Integrates with KYP Portal and Screening for complete provider lifecycle management