S.E.T. Universal Platform

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~30% of the knowledge workers across industries think that their IT tools at work are much worse than those that they use at home.

So, who is a Knowledge Worker? Enterprise workers who research, collate & correlate information and form constructive opinions about the party / case / incident as part of their work process to make informed decision, which in-turn could have a drastic impact on their enterprise’s topline and bottomline. Example: An insurance underwriter; Medicaid analyst; a Loan banking officer;

Today, a consumer who wants to purchase a budget smart phone, with specific features, instantly connects with one’s friends, shares his / her selection and gets quick recommendations, checks for user reviews online, compares and quickly makes an informed decision within minutes. On the other hand, the core business in any enterprise still relies on old infrastructure ranging from mainframes to centralized data warehouses. They remain rigid and inelastic to changes in the business environment. Enterprise applications are still stuck in the past.

What is a complex business transaction? Those transactions that consume a lot of time, human effort, multiple iterations of input and a lot of back-and-forth between various stakeholders, which takes weeks and some times months to complete. Example: A loan application process in a bank; Provider credentialing & screening for Medicaid enrollment; Visa application processing, etc;

Complex business transactions as seen today…


It remains a dream for several knowledge workers across industries to have an enterprise system that would eliminate process complexities, enable instant conversations, guide in decision making, talk to users and adapt to their needs.

What if your enterprise application…

  • talks to you and guide you when you need it
  • helps you connect the dots in real-time
  • dynamically generate 360 degree views for you to quickly form constructive opinions
  • learns from you and personalize to your requirements
  • allows you to share any part of the application with anyone on-the-fly
  • enables you to chat anywhere within your application about your data
  • can search and correlate your data and your knowledge together
  • converses and works with you and get things done for you

S.E.T. Universal Platform

An indigenous and generational technology platform from Digital Harbor, S.E.T. enables seamless collaboration within and between  knowledge workers and all relevant stakeholders in the context of an enterprise, provides them with valuable insights on the case / transaction based on real-time data variations, assists them with the next best possible course of action, thus aiding in making informed decisions and transforming enterprises from focusing on “better transactions” to “better decisions”. S.E.T. is designed to make complex business transactions and processes, a lot more contextual, highly collaborative and drastically simpler, thus empowering the enterprise workers, like never-before, to form quick and constructive opinions on the case / party / incident and to make informed decisions.

Components of S.E.T. Universal Platform

S.E.T. Universal Platform transforms business transactions through collaboration and analytics



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