S.E.T. as a Collaborative Intelligence Platform

Among other things that an enterprise needs today, intelligence is the foremost. Two forms, decades-old Business Intelligence (BI) and now-trending Artificial Intelligence (AI) are already well-entrenched into the ecosystem, though leveraged with limited imagination and creativity.

System-accumulated data can be organized for consumption and use by Business Intelligence approach, as it aids data discovery and data-driven action. Artificial Intelligence mimics human brain functioning and learns from user-behaviors and interactions, continuously automates repetitive tasks. Together, AI and BI help understand and anticipate business-users’ requirements in a proactive, contextual and emotional fashion, and assist them with requisite information to achieve their goals.

The learning fatigue that has come to define many knowledge-workers has thus paved way for increased focus on creative and value-added efforts. But, what’s missing from the matrix is that capability to leverage the user-to-user conversations.

Collaborative Data

Today’s enterprises do not leverage the wealth of data derived from business conversations and collaborative efforts. These interactions happen at the periphery of mainstream processes and post-utility they are lost in the ocean of data, mostly rendered unusable for future informational advantage. Not only are these interactions a mine of wealth to be extracted post-facto, they’ve real-time edge that enterprises are failing to capitalize upon.

Since most collaborations happen in silos, business-users are unaware of the real-time data flow that could influence the course of their actions. Also, crowdsourced efforts, so pervasive in the consumer internet, are copious by its absence in the enterprise world. When a task is the sum-total of multiple user interactions, it makes sense to have a technology platform capable of facilitating ongoing individual contributions in a free-flowing way that result in a cohesive outcome.

Collaborative Intelligence

Many times, it’s essential for a business-user to look up for any ongoing conversations about a topic that concerns the task at hand. The real-time access to data, coupled with contextual conversations that contain the digested insights, can change the way a user is looking at a business situation. It empowers the user with real-time insights that’s usually accessible only later, paving way for informed decisions.

Collaborative Intelligence springs from the live-interplay of various seemingly isolated elements, which when put together provide a wholistic and holistic perspective.

In-application chat with ready access and linkage with contextual ecosystem makes synchronous enterprise-wide collaboration possible. Instead of wading through mountains of data, the business-user can benefit from its extracted essence via business conversations. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, the users can readily employee insights and move ahead from where it was earlier left.

But, importantly, the provision to proactively connect with the right expertise within the context and engage with them to create a crowdsourced story scales up collaboration to unprecedented levels.

Picture this: several users are simultaneously working on a task and the interplay of their interactions results in a cohesive story that’s the sum-total of the inputs and insights from every participant. An analogous situation from the consumer internet could be the feature called ‘trending’ in some social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. The sheer number of conversations happening on a topic can catapult them to the ‘trending’ arena, and any casual onlooker can instantly learn about what’s most interesting to the user-base at that moment. Another aspect could be Wikipedia, where multiple users take part in the discussion and arrive at the most universally-acceptable form of a story, leaving aside contentious topics for further discussion. The design thinking which has made consumer internet a breeze has sadly bypassed the enterprise world in many aspects.

Enterprise Collaboration must pave way for crowdsourced storytelling, wherein the power of collaborative intelligence is harnessed to the maximum.

It’s time to harness their power through a technology platform that leverages the power of storytelling to elevate collaboration scale to a new range.

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