Beyond Digital Workplace

How SET will change the way knowledge workers work

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the term ‘digital workplace’, which many mistakenly believe is limited to make the office paperless. According to Gartner, “The Digital Workplace enables new, more effective ways of working; raises employee engagement and agility; and exploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies.

As clarified above, building a digital workplace goes beyond replacing paper-based processes with software systems. It aims to transform the way employees perform their full range of duties by bringing consumer-based practices into workplace.

Social Enterprise Technology (SET) was incubated with the intent to capitalize on the high levels of digital awareness and skills that many employees possess through their consumer lives. The end-goal is not to become another additional software in the employee toolkit, but to create an enterprise-universal platform that makes use of other tools obsolete.

Shifting the digital paradigm

Pockets of excellence do not expand into becoming a universal phenomenon if left disconnected. The need of the hour is to create an enterprise-wide convergence, wherein employees remain connected and integrated through the digital ether of the organization anytime, anywhere.

So, the challenge is to go beyond the obvious, beyond digitization of the systems, beyond connecting various systems, to a point where employees can interact and work together on a collaborative scale to “connect the dots” in a seamless fashion.

Data is the new oil, but enterprises haven’t moved progressed much from the “create and push” approach of the bygone era of information scarcity. In today’s age of data abundance, the paradigm has evolved to “create, share and optimize”, thanks to the infusion of collaborative technologies in the workplace.

Taking enterprise collaboration to the next level

SET not just helps enterprises build a digital workplace, but takes the baton further with conversational applications.

According to ‘Step Two’, the essentials of a digital workplace are that it is holistic, coherent, usable, and productive. Let us explore how SET accomplishes these:

  • Holistic: SET is a universal platform with workflow-integration at an unprecedented level. It integrates the entire gamut of activities and tasks that employees perform, and enables business transformation to a digital enterprise.
  • Coherent: SET creates a single, unified view of enterprise data and accords role-based access privileges to it. Therefore, changes are reflected throughout the entire organizational system, helping bring greater level of coordination and eliminating overlapping functions to improve streamlining of operations.
  • Usable: In what is the first-of-its-kind value-addition, we’re putting employee at the center of the SET technology by introducing conversational applications. Through a fusion of artificial intelligence, business intelligence and collaborative intelligence, we have incubated conversational application that proactively provides contextual intelligence with human-like empathy. Therefore, the employees need no longer concern themselves with learning new software as the SET does the repetitive and mundane tasks for them. SET presents intuitive interface and conversation that is instantly relatable to the employee.
  • Productivity: Businesses do not need to expend money in helping employees upgrade their knowledge (especially software) in activities that are peripheral to their core contribution. Therefore, the employees can now fully focus on value-adding solutions instead of investing their time and efforts in marginal jobs. Since SET is data-driven and workflow-integrated, the quality of decisions takes a leap in terms of fastness and accuracy. All these set the stage for enhanced productivity.

As is clear from the above, SET not just fulfils an enterprise’s need to instill digital resilience into their systems, but goes further and adds a new dimension to the decision-making capabilities in the form of conversational applications.

SET fills an important void in today’s workplace by placing business user at the center of the enterprise platform, instead of forcing employees to constantly scale the tough learning curve of the next waves of technology.

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