Rohit Agarwal

Rohit Agarwal is the President and Chief Innovations Officer of Digital Harbor. He is a serial entrepreneur and inventor having successfully founded and sold two high-growth companies previously. Mr. Agarwal also serves as the President and Chairman on the Mindshare Alumni Network, a group of 850+ CEOs driving innovation and entrepreneurship in the DC metro region. He is a leading industry expert in real-time risk management platforms. His design of Composite Applications modernized connecting-the-dots frameworks in US Intelligence agencies. His predictive analytics work led to leading Know Your Customer and Know Your Fraud solutions in the Financial sector. He is now focused on transforming Healthcare by creating innovative operational intelligence solutions. His entrepreneurial career began during his PhD in Computational Sciences and Informatics at NASA where he became one of the highest grant earners for GMU. Mr. Agarwal holds Masters degrees in both Physics and Computer Science.