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Business-centric collaboration is absent in today’s enterprise applications. Here is why.

December 3, 2016

Yes. Collaboration exist in today’s enterprises. In fact, the very purpose of these tools Yammer, Jive, Skype, etc. is to offer collaboration in enterprises. Then what is missing? Why, the enterprises still struggle to make informed decisions? Why there is huge process TAT? Why there are multiple back-and-forth among several departments and other stakeholders? Why the enterprise applications are still stuck in the past?

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Healthcare security and data protection – a unique challenge

November 7, 2016

Healthcare ecosystem’s core mission is to provide the best care possible to the end users. This industry is in the process of transforming the delivery of care to end users with IT, security, and privacy serving as enablers. The new generation application explosion has created a big impact in the healthcare networks, wherein the data needs to be seamlessly and securely transmitted via both wired and wireless networks.

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A nightmare for both Healthcare Providers and Medicaid Enrollment Analysts

October 5, 2016

Providers are struggling – Providers face a tough challenge in filling paper applications costing weeks and even months due to the increasingly complex eligibility and documentation requirements. The inherent complexity often leads to large percentage of deficiencies and rejections due to errors and omissions. Portals where available remain simple and static and are often less preferred than paper due to severe limitations.

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S.E.T. Universal Platform

September 2, 2016

Did you know? ~30% of the knowledge workers across industries think that their IT tools at work are much worse than those that they use at home. So, who is a Knowledge Worker? Enterprise workers who research, collate & correlate information and form constructive opinions about the party / case / incident as part of their work process to make informed decision, which in-turn could have a drastic impact on their enterprise’s topline and bottomline.

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While Medicaid focus on mere member eligibility, the MCOs reap the benefit

August 3, 2016

The attitude, the opportunity and the environment together bolsters certain individuals to abuse the healthcare system. When it comes to ineligible beneficiaries, fraud permeates in different dimensions from eligibility abuse and card sharing to Doctor shopping and drug diversion. However, not all the Medicaid abuse is directly attributable to ineligible beneficiaries, but, the payout of huge lot of such unnecessary premiums

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