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Social Forms: An Introduction

August 22, 2018

One arena where paper-based systems still seem to hold a distinct edge over its digital counterparts is Forms. Indeed, while many online forms do exist, they seem unequipped to deal with the complexities involved in a normal form-filling exercise. Sometimes, instead of advancing the capabilities of form, they seem to turn the wheel back. Consider these: In a typical enterprise scenario, a form needs to be filled through collaboration of multiple people. However, most forms […]

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Transforming Enterprises with Social Enterprise Technology Universal Platform

April 2, 2016

Equating today’s consumer internet to enterprise IT (B2B/B2E) is similar to comparing cheese to chalk. The consumer internet is awash with social media and mobile apps delivered from the cloud. Its ingredients are primarily unstructured data, free-form collaboration through conversational messaging and page sharing, and dynamic intelligence based on sentimental and behavioral analytics.

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