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What’s ‘social’ about Social Enterprise Technology?

October 10, 2018

Sometimes, the conversations about our latest innovation Social Enterprise Technology are derailed by the connotation that the word ‘social’ carries today viz. social-media.  It is incumbent upon us, as pioneers of this innovation, to clarify as to what we really mean by ‘social’. Oxford Dictionary defines social as ‘needing companionship and therefore best suited to living in communities’; it further elaborates the word as ‘relating to or designed for activities in which people meet each […]

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The emergence of conversational applications for enterprises

February 2, 2017

The power of digital technologies has percolated the entire consumer market, empowering masses to harness them in indigenous ways. Today, no matter how much an enterprise sugarcoats its offerings, the veneer remains vulnerable to user-reviews, which in turn exerts considerable influence on its future market performance. But the invention that has upped the ante and turned “computer is man’s best friend” maxim to an altogether different dimension is intelligent personal assistant.

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What if the enterprise applications become socially aware

January 6, 2017

What it means to be social? How can a business application be social with the users? Is this even possible? How will it be for the business users to simply have conversation with the business application and get things done? What if the system learns from the business users – tweaks itself to their priorities and preferences?;

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Business-centric collaboration is absent in today’s enterprise applications. Here is why.

December 3, 2016

Yes. Collaboration exist in today’s enterprises. In fact, the very purpose of these tools Yammer, Jive, Skype, etc. is to offer collaboration in enterprises. Then what is missing? Why, the enterprises still struggle to make informed decisions? Why there is huge process TAT? Why there are multiple back-and-forth among several departments and other stakeholders? Why the enterprise applications are still stuck in the past?

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Transforming Enterprises with Social Enterprise Technology Universal Platform

April 2, 2016

Equating today’s consumer internet to enterprise IT (B2B/B2E) is similar to comparing cheese to chalk. The consumer internet is awash with social media and mobile apps delivered from the cloud. Its ingredients are primarily unstructured data, free-form collaboration through conversational messaging and page sharing, and dynamic intelligence based on sentimental and behavioral analytics.

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