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Augmented intelligence is the real Artificial Intelligence (AI)

October 4, 2018

Despite the constant buzz around Artificial Intelligence, it’s far from truly replacing humans at jobs. The inroads Artificial Intelligence has achieved is significant, and the transformation it is achieving in the business landscape tangible. Yet, perhaps the business community has been prematurely self-congratulatory, for the AI-run dream world as portrayed in scientific fiction is nowhere on the horizon. The real AI: Augmented Intelligence At Digital Harbor, while we harness the power of Artificial Intelligence, we’re […]

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S.E.T. Universal Platform

September 2, 2016

Did you know? ~30% of the knowledge workers across industries think that their IT tools at work are much worse than those that they use at home. So, who is a Knowledge Worker? Enterprise workers who research, collate & correlate information and form constructive opinions about the party / case / incident as part of their work process to make informed decision, which in-turn could have a drastic impact on their enterprise’s topline and bottomline.

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Transforming Enterprises with Social Enterprise Technology Universal Platform

April 2, 2016

Equating today’s consumer internet to enterprise IT (B2B/B2E) is similar to comparing cheese to chalk. The consumer internet is awash with social media and mobile apps delivered from the cloud. Its ingredients are primarily unstructured data, free-form collaboration through conversational messaging and page sharing, and dynamic intelligence based on sentimental and behavioral analytics.

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