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What if the enterprise applications become socially aware

January 6, 2017

What it means to be social? How can a business application be social with the users? Is this even possible? How will it be for the business users to simply have conversation with the business application and get things done? What if the system learns from the business users – tweaks itself to their priorities and preferences?;

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Business-centric collaboration is absent in today’s enterprise applications. Here is why.

December 3, 2016

Yes. Collaboration exist in today’s enterprises. In fact, the very purpose of these tools Yammer, Jive, Skype, etc. is to offer collaboration in enterprises. Then what is missing? Why, the enterprises still struggle to make informed decisions? Why there is huge process TAT? Why there are multiple back-and-forth among several departments and other stakeholders? Why the enterprise applications are still stuck in the past?

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