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Forget Artificial Intelligence, Conversational Applications are the way forward

October 10, 2018

Let’s see how we fill and package complex online forms. The other day our team was engaged in filling a complex online visa form and the unwieldiness of the entire process struck me. We couldn’t understand several fields; the country-specific compliances, their migration acts etc. Further, there wasn’t any provision for attachments and writing reviews, and no help in navigating the process. With several questions in our mind we tried calling the embassy assistance, but […]

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Augmented intelligence is the real Artificial Intelligence (AI)

October 4, 2018

Despite the constant buzz around Artificial Intelligence, it’s far from truly replacing humans at jobs. The inroads Artificial Intelligence has achieved is significant, and the transformation it is achieving in the business landscape tangible. Yet, perhaps the business community has been prematurely self-congratulatory, for the AI-run dream world as portrayed in scientific fiction is nowhere on the horizon. The real AI: Augmented Intelligence At Digital Harbor, while we harness the power of Artificial Intelligence, we’re […]

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Conversational Apps: The tech that will change the way businesses operate

October 1, 2018

Information, Technology and human intelligence as we know it, are critical to the success of organizations of today. When synergized effectively, they have the power to catapult the growth of businesses. As per the 2017 training industry report, on an average, organizations spent nearly 11% of their resources on learning new technology. Despite their best efforts in technology-training, majority of the businesses today are only “technologically enabled” and not effectively utilizing the combined power of […]

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