Conversational Apps: The tech that will change the way businesses operate

October 1, 2018

Information, Technology and human intelligence as we know it, are critical to the success of organizations of today. When synergized effectively, they have the power to catapult the growth of businesses. As per the 2017 training industry report, on an average, organizations spent nearly 11% of their resources on learning new technology. Despite their best efforts in technology-training, majority of the businesses today are only “technologically enabled” and not effectively utilizing the combined power of man, machine, method and data to supercharge their way to success. The present-day scenario makes the expected business outcomes from technology seem like a distant dream. So how can the businesses of tomorrow effectively leverage all business elements with technology to expedite growth and surpass expectations? And what is that need-of-the hour that will empower employees to focus on the essentials rather than getting lost in the impertinent details of the process?

Technology that Understands

The future workforce study by Dell and Intel says that 64% of global employees agree that their job could be made easier with the assistance of artificial intelligence. What if this artificial intelligence were to be combined with business and collaborative intelligence? A technology so smart that it engages with the user, allowing him to effectively leverage data, documents and the expertise around him. Say Hello to Conversational Apps.

A Conversational App enables the user to engage in conversations regarding business transactions with his data and creates connections, all while gathering pertinent information from across the enterprise, empowering the user to make right decisions. A conversational app will actively interact with the user and become conversant as it learns and evolves with each communication. It’s assistance to users will gradually grow toward analytics-driven proactive suggestions.

Business Done Right

While it will consistently increase the productivity of the business, conversational apps will reform its operations to create workplaces where

  • The user converses with application as opposed to the present-day mechanical interactions
  • The application connects the dots across data, documents, conversations, business intelligence for the user
  • A user can easily resolve issues by collaborating with the right expertise in minutes with the application’s assistance
  • The application itself prompts new users with time-sensitive business data
  • The application proactively analyses enterprise data to provide timely context relevant data for smart decisions
  • Complete compliance ensuring is effortless
  • The application does the learning while adapting and evolving as per each individual user.


After disrupting the way we live and play, technology is now heading to transforming the way we work with conversational apps. They will allow businesses to combine the efforts of manpower in synergy with technology, data and collaboration to empower employees, augment workplaces and move forward as insight-driven organizations.

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