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"A new set of high-value applications is emerging called composite applications. The objective of these applications is to improve corporate performance by improving decision making. This is accomplished by drawing on the information already available and adding rich workflow, event, and client interface capability."

- AMR Research, 2003

Our History

Digital Harbor, The Composite Applications CompanyTM , got its start in the U.S. defense intelligence community and since, has spent over $50 million on research and development in the field of composite applications and corresponding technology since 1997. Like many mainstream commercial organizations, the challenge for the U.S. intelligence community was that the number of applications and the data was increasing exponentionally, while budgets were only increasing marginally. As the number and complexity of applications and information repositories grew, it was no longer possible to integrate them using traditional "static" approaches.

"A better solution"

A better solution was to connect applications and people at run-time by affording end-users with the ability to fuse information in context dynamically. Digital Harbor's platform was developed to provide enterprises (public or commercial), with a superior information integration solution and information management system by merging their existing applications and data sources into a single, robust and dynamic composite application.

Our Company

Headquartered just outside of Washington, DC, Digital Harbor develops and markets PiiETM (Professional Interactive Information Environment), the leading platform for composite applications. Digital Harbor fuses portal, process and integration technologies enabling innovations in the way enterprises build, deploy and use inter-networked applications.

In July 2007 Digital Harbor was acquired by Norkom Technologies who is the Industry Leader in Financial Crime software. Norkom has integrated the Digital Harbor technologies in its financial crime solutions targeted in the financial services sectors. Digital Harbor was subsequently spun-off with primary funding from Norkom to address the non-financial services sectors including Government, Retail and Healthcare.

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Our Customers

Since Digital Harbor emerged from the US Defense Intelligence community, the US federal government continues to be a significant customer particularly in intelligence, the Department of Defense, and Department of Homeland Security.

Digital Harbor also services clients in the financial sector, such as commerical banks, insurers and brokerages as well as enterprises in the utilities, manufacturing and healthcare industries.

Our Vision

"Composite applications will replace traditional enterprise systems."

Digital Harbor's vision is that composite applications will become the dominant paradigm for run-your-business solutions, as enterprises seek to leverage their existing information assets by connecting them to one another and by taking static, web-enabled applications and turning them into dynamic, network-centric applications.

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